Wednesday, February 27, 2013

DEN Star Traci Blazosky

It was great to see my best friend, travel buddy Traci today. She was shocked when we showed up at her school during recess. With permission from her principal, we even got to go into her classroom. Later, we went to her house. Sweetie and I played with Jayden, Gavin, and Traci's niece while Traci made us an amazing dinner of beef stew. She saved plenty of carrots for Sweetie.

After a tearful goodbye, Sweetie and I were on our way. Traci would have loved to join us, but she's got those two precious boys at home that need her. Don't worry, Trace! I'll see you in New York City on July 10!

Recess at Clarion Elementary

Traci's classroom

Jayden, Traci's niece, Gavin, Me and Sweetie playing while
Traci cooks us dinner.

Goodbye, for now!

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

On Our Way

Sweetie and I are on our way! I'm really not too fond of traveling on Route 80 and neither is Sweetie. We are trying to ride in the nearby woods. We can hear the trucks on the road above us, so we know we are still on the right track. Our first stop will be at Traci Blazosky's in Knox, PA. Can't wait! I forgot how lonely the road can be. At least I have my best friend Sweetie with me!

Sunday, February 24, 2013

My Trip Begins

Chincoteague's Sweetheart and I head out on our journey. This is a picture of us at Abernethy Acres in Harrisville. Only 546 miles to go. Drop us a line if you are a Discovery STAR and you live anywhere close to our route. Perhaps, we'll drop by and visit you!